CAD VCL 14 released
CAD VCL 14 released

Major improvements of import and export, support of annotative objects, export to AutoCAD DWG 2010, improved 3D file display

We have been listening to your feedback and making changes, and today we are rolling out CAD VCL 14, a new version of our CAD library for Delphi and C++ Builder. This version contains major improvements and new features designed to make your CAD VCL experience better.

What’s new in CAD VCL 14?

  • Improved import of DWG and DXF files:
    • added support of annotative objects;
    • added reading of hyperlinks for entities;
    • improved Insert support;
    • improved Clipping support;
    • improved Texts and MTexts support;
    • improved display of SHX fonts;
    • speeded up loading of DXF files;
    • bug fixes related to import of DWG and DXF files.
  • Improved export of DWG and DXF files:
    • added export to AutoCAD DWG 2010;
    • bug fixes related to export of DWG and DXF files.
  • Improved display of 3D files:
    • added a new mode of surface display: Hidden lines;
    • added display of 3D model edges;
    • improved reading of SAT files;
    • improved reading of OBJ files;
    • improved reading of STL files.
  • Improved export of HPGL files:
    • added saving of lineweights.
  • Improved export of SVG files:
    • added saving of texts.
  • Improved export of PDF files:
    • added saving of fonts;
    • added option for saving to raster PDF files;
    • bug fixes related to export of PDF files.
  • Other improvements:
    • added option for automatic regeneration;
    • improved import of DWF, HPGL, CGM and SVG files;
    • improved G-code generation from DWG and DXF files.

The CAD VCL 14 demo project

Want to try the new version of CAD VCL? It is free for 45 days:


If you already have a CAD VCL license, CAD VCL 14 will be available to you at a 50% discount. For any questions or comments, please contact us at

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