CADEditorX 11 Released

CADEditorX 11 Released

Measuring 3D models in STEP, IGES, SAT and BREP files, loading custom line types, new commands and system variables as well as other prominent changes for work with CAD and 3D.

We are glad to announce the release of CADEditorX 11, a new version of the CAD ActiveX library compatible with such popular programming languages as C#, VB.NET, VC++, Delphi, HTML/JavaScript and others.

Measuring in 3D mode is one of the most prominent new features of CADEditorX 11. This feature makes the library especially convenient when you create applications for work with STEP and IGES 3D models.

AutoCAD DWG import and export have been improved. New instructions and commands for working with CAD files and setting visibility of the interface elements have been added. Moreover, the new version of CADEditorX supports big SHX fonts allowing you to view drawings containing Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters.

3D Files in CADEditorX

The full list of changes and improvements included into CADEditorX 11:

  • Measuring of STP and IGES files
  • Export to DWG with RGB colors
  • Loading of custom line types.
  • Support of Big SHX Fonts (for Asian characters)
  • New Align tool
  • New Pan tool
  • The OnMeasure event that outputs measuring results as XML is added
  • The Getcadcoords instruction that converts screen coordinates into the drawing coordinates is added
  • Parameters for the Comparefiles command added
  • New system variables added:
    • GetCommandStatus returns the on/off command status as XML
    • POLARANG sets the angle interval for polar tracking
    • ExportJPEGQuality and ExportJPEGSmoothing set quality and smoothing during export to JPG
  • New commands added:
    • ZoomAtPoint is used to scale the current file and allows setting the scrolling distance per mouse wheel scroll
    • ShowScrollbar hides the scroll bars
    • MovePicture offsets the drawing at the distance specified in screen coordinates
    • SetWindowState sets the drawing window display order
    • UnionEdges checks whether the outline is closed; if there is a break, it draws an interconnecting line
    • HideAllInterface hides all interface elements
    • ConvertToPolyline transforms objects into a 2D polyline
  • The capability of setting the background color via XML API with the BackgroundColor command is added
  • EMF export to DWG and DXF improved
  • The dynamic input while switching tasks in MFC fixed
  • The XML output information of the TsgDXFStyle object fixed
  • Batch Print greatly improved
  • The setting that saves each layout of a multipage file into a separate file in Batch is added
  • Work under Windows 8 and Windows 10 improved

To learn more about new features of the library you can try its test version. To download the demo version of CADEditorX you can either fill in the form at our site or contact us via e-mail.

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If you have any questions concerning CADEditorX features and its licensing, please write to us at We will be glad to help you integrate CADEditorX into your final application!

Best wishes,
CADSoftTools Team
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