CADViewX 11.1 released

CADViewX 11.1 released

High speed of CAD files import, improved drawing visualization, support of the latest DWG/DXF versions, saving to DWG and other changes in a new version of CADViewX.

CADViewX 11.1 is a new version of the ActiveX library for work with CAD drawings that is compatible with C#, VB.NET, VB, Delphi and other popular programming languages.

Conversion of drawings into vector file formats is the key new feature of CADViewX Lite 11. Now you can save your drawings not only as raster images but also export them to vector DWG, DXF, PLT, SVG, CGM and PDF.

Major changes deal with speed and quality of drawing import and visualization. The new library version loads and displays DWG/DXF files more quickly. Speaking about drawing visualization it is worth mentioning that CADViewX 11 supports big SHX fonts. This feature is really crucial when you view drawings containing Korean, Japanese or Chinese characters.

CADViewX 11.1 Demo

List of major changes and improvements included into CADViewX 11.1:

  • Speed of DWG/DXF loading greatly increased
  • Export to DWG with RGB colors
  • Support of Big SHX Fonts (for Asian characters)
  • Import and export of the XClipFrame variable into DWG and DXF added
  • Export of the SPATIAL_FILTER object added
  • Attributes export improved (Attdef/Attrib)
  • Multiline text (Mtext) import improved
  • Color import in DWF improved
  • DWG and DXF import and export improved
  • Third-party applications EED of the imported drawing is retained

To test the new version of CADViewX and evaluate its functionality you can download the demo version of the library. Please fill in the form at our website or contact us via e-mail.

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If you have any questions on the library or you want to get information about CADViewX licensing, please write to us at We will be glad to answer all your questions!

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