CAD VCL. 客户评价
CAD VCL. 客户评价

Pascal Eynard (CAD VCL Enterprise)

I’ve been using this component since 2008. It allows the clients of my electrical software WinRelais to import DXF symbol files of equipment manufacturers and to export circuit diagrams.

Its integration with Delphi is very simple and the documentation is complete. In case of issues, the forum and the technical support have always efficiently answered my questions. This component allows full and easy access to the DXf file structure. The tested freeware components don’t allow this and are not enough "professional". Up to now, I haven’t found out the limits of this component.

Reading of DXF files has never caused a problem for my clients. Whatever the origin and version of a DXF file. I have never had any complaints about this.

I’m also using DXF export. Initially, i used to write myself in the TStringList component (DXF is text) but DXF format is very difficult! It is easier and faster to use this component by CADSoftTools. I don’t have to understand DXF format syntax any more. Besides, it exports to DXF and DWG: Thus, my end users can choose.

So, I continue using CAD VCL Entreprise component by CADSoftTools. Even if the price might seem high, there’s high quality and service. At last, this component allowed my software WinRelais to become "professional".

Pascal EYNARD / Developer / France
Software WinRelay, the English version:

Michael Ofrikhter, USA (CAD VCL Enterprise)

Our experience with CADSoftTools has been nothing short of amazing. The staff is very professional and the support is outstanding. Their software features have significantly helped us automate our software, and our customers love it! It has been proven to us that we are working with very intelligent people who are willing to go above and beyond for their customers. Furthermore, this is not a company that stands still. They are constantly developing extremely useful features and are keeping up with the current technology. It is always a pleasure to talk to them and they are always willing to listen to our requests and do everything they can to help us.

Michael Ofrikhter
HTR - Micronite™

Dmitry Stepanov, Russia (CAD Import VCL)

One of key focus areas of IPK Company is the development and support of specially configured software for housing and community amenities. The software products developed by us have been successfully implemented in large managing companies and banks of our city. One of the leading software products that we develop is TEEP MKD aimed at providing the owners and renters of residential properties, owners of non-residential properties, managing and service companies, national and local authorities with full and reliable information on the usability, technical and economical specifications of buildings.

TEEP MKD contains full data on the structure and area of structural parts and engineering systems of blocks of flats, information on their technical evaluation on base of visual and technical inspections, contracts with energy suppliers, metered values of energy consumption etc.

One of key features of TEEP MKD is work with drawings of buildings and their structural units in different file formats: DWG, DWF, SVG etc. This possibility is realized by integrating CAD Import VCL Import VCL in our software product.

The following features of CAD Import VCL are especially important for us:

  • high speed of reading of files;
  • access to entities of each supported entity;
  • the usage of TCanvas, TImage, TOpenPictureDialog and other standard classes;
  • managing all the layers and any element it contains;
  • support of 3D coordinates;
  • convenient scaling and panning;
  • support of Unicode;
  • compatibility with Report Builder;
  • support of printing.

Dmitry Stepanov,
OOO IPK Company

José Ramón Fernandez Olalla (CAD Export VCL)

CAD Export VCL is one of the most powerful tools for the development of CAD compatible files when you work in RAD Studio. The power of its Object Model and the constant actualization makes the programming and maintenance of your CAD compatible applications files easy.

José Ramón Fernandez Olalla

Sabetay Toros, Turkey (CAD Import VCL & CAD Export VCL)

Today in Construction industry AutoCad drawings are defacto standard all over the world. We are using since 2007 these excellent libraries Cad Import VCL and CAD Export VCL for developing multistorey building CAD software. If you are thinking to communicate with CAD in two ways - to import information and to create or edit the drawings, you've come to the right place - these libraries are just for you.

Sabetay Toros, Software Developer
Bilsar A.Ş.

Uffe Safeldt, Denmark (CAD Import VCL)

I have tested many (probably all inclusive vectordraw there is very expensive but also very professional) dxf readers on the market. All of them had so many bugs that I could not build up my project with these toolboxes. Your toolbox is probably the most bugfree on the market. The first task I would suggest you to do is to make a better documentation. All the other products had normally a good documentation and where easy to get started with. This is a little harder with your tool.

Uffe Safeldt,

CADSoftTools team comment: Now we have made a completely new help system which works similar to Delphi VCL Help. All developers who used the former manual, please take our apologies for the difficulties with the old help files and we thank you for your understanding.